The NeoPet Items Explained

Neopia gamers are probably familiar with some of the Neopets items. Getting Neopet items are one way of maintaining your pet. Getting new items is sometimes tricky if you don’t have enough points. Rather than lacking points getting the latest items can be difficult if you are not updated. There are so many shortcuts regarding purchasing some which may lead to the loss of item. This calls for caution in the course of getting an item.

General information

Saving points

NeopointsNeopoints are what will enable you to get items the right way. Saving points are easy considering you know how to take care of your pet. You have to reduce spending and play as many games as possible. Every game has its points. The more challenging games have high points hence will help in earning points. Stocking and taking part in auctions is also another way of saving and getting more points. You might also consider selling items that you are no longer using so that you can get new items.

What to do when purchasing items

In Neopia, it is advisable not to send items to your account directly after purchase. Sending them to storage is advised impulse buying is also advised against since it can earn you closure. Buying more than ten items at once will sure raise questions. Making a wish list is also discouraged in the account. Having no message is better than making wish lists. Changing information on your account is also enough to raise eyebrows. You may consider changing one at a time after long periods of time. Items should be left in a spare account before being sent to the main account.

Transferring Neopet items

As said earlier transferring Neopet items upon purchase is strongly discouraged. The same applies to bragging and showing off new items. You should have a spare account to keep your new items. The new account shouldn’t have the same IP address as your main account. Using a proxy is ideal to keep your identity hidden. When logging into your account make a trade into your main account and wait until it’s processed. You can wait from ten minutes to 16 hours for the process to be complete. After being accepted, you will have a few options. You might need to keep your items in a spare account to stay extra safe. After a while, you will now safely transfer it to your account and enjoy using it.


NeopointsNeopet items usually come in every day. Some sources are outside the Neopet website hence they need caution. Saving points for a new item. Neopia offers many exciting games. Getting items made the game even more fun. It is thrilling to get your pet new items, but it won’t be fun to get your account shut down hence be careful.