Make Ice Cream Without Machine At Home

Ice cream machines are usually very expensive and also occupy a large space inside your kitchen. Thankfully, it is very much possible to make delicious ice creams at your home without the help of any machine.

How to make ice cream at home without a machine?

Ice Cream

Banana serve method:

This is one of the most popular techniques. The recipe is extremely simple, but will give you a highly tasty dessert. You will need a food processor and obviously bananas for this recipe. You may think, that without an ice cream maker, it will be tough to make a dessert with just a banana and a food processor. But thanks to the creamy and the sweet nature of bananas, you can have ice cream within minutes. First cut the banana into several pieces and place it in the freezer. Peel off the sides of the banana. Within a few minutes, the banana will be extremely smooth and will eventually look like the ice cream you are craving for. You can also use some toppings to make it more tasty.

cone Ice CreamFrozen cube technique:

This is also a very popular technique among those who prefer making ice creams in their homes. For this, you once again require a food processor and an ice cube tray. Initially, you have to get a huge bowl and then keep a mixture of some egg yolks, around one or two cups of sugar, a little bit of vanilla and some salt. Heat the mixture gently for around 6 minutes and then transfer it to another bowl. Do not overheat, otherwise the eggs will crack. After that, apply cream into the mixture and stir it. You have to again transfer the mixture into the ice cube tray. Freeze it for around 5 hours, and your ice cream will be ready. There are many steps involved in this recipe, but all of them are quite simple.

Whipping cream technique:

This is also an extremely simple method. You don’t even need a food processor for this. First you need to get around 2 cups of thick cream, and then whip it as much as possible. Then, transfer the mixture into a glass of condensed, sweet milk. Freeze the mixture for some time and your ice cream will be ready.

boowl of Ice CreamZiploc Bag technique:

This is probably the simplest technique. Here you just need to shake, even kids can try this out. You need 3 Ziploc bags. Two of the same size and another large one. In the first bag, add a mixture of some milk, sugar and vanilla cream. Place the bag inside another bag of the same size. Then take a large bag and add some ice cubes or salt inside it. Now, place the smaller bags inside the large sized bag. Start shaking the bags, and you will eventually get the desired end result you are looking for.…