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The Perfect Bowling Gear

Bowling is a game that plays a pivotal role in ensuring you are in good health. As with any sport, bowling also requires special equipment. Since the thrust surface of the bowling alley is very sensitive, you need special shoes for the track to avoid damaging or contaminating. In addition to shoes and clothing, choosing the right ball is crucial. Look for the right type for a quality playing experience.

A balling cloth or towel is essential. My storm bowling towel looks great with my matching ball. This type of cloth can be used to wipe the ball. There are numerous accessories for the bowler player: Some players use wrist supports or bandages to stabilize their wrists. Let’s have a look at the essential equipment for bowling players.


There are a hugebowling game number of bowling balls – depending on the type, manufacturer, and material. Bowling manufacturers are constantly developing new and better bowling balls, and new developments are regularly coming onto the market.

There is a huge range of reactive balls. There are differences not only in the shape and storage of the reactive core but also in the surface material used. This ensures that there is the right ball for every type of track.  Polyester balls are mostly used as spare balls. The assortment is smaller here than with the Strikeball, but motifs are often used on the surface of the ball.


In addition to the ball, the most important thing in bowling is the shoes. The bowling shoes have a special sliding sole, made of Teflon or leather. In the last step, this sliding sole ensures that you slide up to the foul line. With a rubber sole, you would stop and possibly fall. The heel of the shoe, on the other hand, is made of rubber, which prevents the player from slipping on the run-up surface.

Beginners usually wear shoes that have a sliding sole on both sides. These can also be found in every bowling center so that they do not have to hold shoes for left and right-handers. In bowling centers, you can borrow shoes if you don’t have your own bowling shoes or if you rarely play.

Other Accessories


Tapes are used to stick into the finger holes of the bowling ball. With them, the player can adjust the holes in the ball during the game and thus prevent the fingers from slipping out. Tapes have different textures, rough, smooth, thin, thick.

Cleaning Suppliesbowling game

Suitable special cleaners are available for the care of the surfaces of bowling balls. The detergents remove oil, dirt, and rubber debris picked up by the bowling alley.

Polishing Cloth

There are special microfiber cloths for bowling balls. Cleaning or polishing cloths are there to clean the bowling ball of dirt, dirt, and, above all, the oil from the bowling alley. There are also polishing bags that also serve as carrying bags for the bowling ball. Get the right bowling gear for the best playing experience.…