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Reasons to Consider Eating Biltong?  

Many people love snacks to help them manage between meals or substitute main meals when they are busy or traveling. However, the typical snacks are carbohydrates such as cookies, biscuits, or fruits and nuts. You may also be surprised to hear about a meaty snack from the southern parts of Africa called biltong.

So, what is biltong made of ? It is a product of dried meat that is cured with different spices for a flavorful taste. The meat could be beef, ostrich meat, game meat, kudu (antelope), or any other meat. When you eat biltong, you not only get to enjoy a fantastic and delicious meaty snack, but you also get amazing health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you could get from eating biltong:

Biltong Has Very Low-Fat Content

The biggest problem with most snacks is that they are laden with fats and added sugar, leading to obesity plus many other health problems. However, biltong is low in fat since it’s like most cured meat. The fat content of this meaty treat varies according to the brand. An average biltong serving contains about 3% of fats and plenty of protein. Besides, it is different from other snacks, like workout bars, most of which have added sugar. It is a perfect snack for people observing paleo diet and want to be fit due to its low fat and sugar content.

It Is a Great Natural Protein

biltong is rich in proyeinOur bodies are made of proteins as they are the building blocks of all body tissues. You need protein to develop muscles and to replenish your amino acid supply. Besides, our muscles need proteins for repair and restoration to ensure we recover from workouts, injuries, and other muscle-depleting activities. And given the crucial role of hormones in our body, proteins are vital because they regulate the hormones. These body chemicals play a crucial role in promoting motivation and cognition. Another essential thing about proteins is that they have a satiating effect hence keep us feeling full after eating. That way, we can control our appetite thus maintain a healthy weight.

Biltong Supply Crucial Minerals

The snack made of cured meat is loaded with minerals like zinc and iron. Iron is vital for making red blood cells that transport oxygen all over the body, and we need those red blood cells to enjoy optimal health. Muscle growth and recovery also greatly depend on iron. Biltong is also a good source of zinc which helps create enzymes for digestion. Zinc also accelerates the wounds’ healing.