Selecting Body Shapers That Perfectly Fit Your Body

It is the desire of every woman to have a body shape that makes them feel good and admirable. The media has greatly contributed to this because of the perfect body they present in movies and magazines. This makes everyone want to attain it at all cost. Some women will go for risky surgeries, dieting and all sort of crazy things to attain the so-called perfect body.

The truth is there are a million body shapes out there, Body Shapersand each is beautiful in its way. A body shaper will highlight and bring out the best from your natural shape. But before purchasing it, you need to understand what shape you are. This way, you will choose the best body magic shaper for you. There are four types of body shapes which include the following.

Four types of body shapes

Triangle downward/apple

Ladies with this type of body shape have wider shoulders as compared to the hips. They also have slim thighs and legs and a bigger chest. Their body fat is largely spread in the chest, face, and abdomen.


Women with this shape have shoulders of the same size as that of hips and chest. It gives them a boyish look. It is also characterized with great legs. Body fats are spread on the buttock, face, abdomen and chest.

Triangle upward/pear/spoon

Broader hips characterize this shape compared to chest and shoulders. The bottom and legs are fuller. Fat is distributed in the buttocks, thighs, and hips.

Triangle opposing/hourglass shape

Women with this shape have well-proportioned shoulders and hips. It is the curvy kind of shape. A small waist, well-filled buttocks and amazing legs. Fat is deposited on the upper and lower body. This is the type of shape all women cry and die to have.

With thecurvy knowledge of what body shape you are, it is very easy to choose the best body shaper. It will help you minimize your weaknesses and feel confident. It is important to note that you do not have to go to extremes to attain that body the society and media think is perfect.

Getting yourself the ideal body shaper helps you get exactly what you want. Immediately you put it on; it shapes your body to what you want. It does not have to take months or weeks as other weight loss methods. It is proven to be a very easy and fast way to losing weight.