cats sleeping

Having a Cat as Your Pet

If you are reading this article, you are probably an animal lover, and you may have a furry little friend who you love and take care of as part of your family. Cats have been companions to many people, and they have been around for centuries. If we look at ancient Egypt and the Romans, cats seem to find their way onto the literature and drawings at some point.

Why have a cat?

People who love animals have many preferences when it comes to pets. Some may catlike dogs or birds, but many prefer cats as they require less attention and can be taken care of with ease. Let us take a look at a few characteristics that make people prefer a cat over other pets. If you also have a pet cat, you should read the Review of the Litter Robot Open Air Litter Box which will be a great benefit for you as an owner.

They are clean

Cats prefer to be clean always, and they clean themselves on a regular basis. They do not like to live in dirty environments and need a comfortable place to sleep. If you do not give your cat this, he will go someplace that is cleaner. You will notice that cats also first make a hole in the sand and like to cover it after they poo, this is because they like to be clean.

cats sleepingThey are independent

Cats are rather independent; they will eat when they want and sleep most of the time. They will expect you to keep their food ready on time, if not they are more than capable of finding food which can be by catching rats or going next door. They do not require much petting but sometimes will come and sit on your lap when you least expect them to. They will otherwise never come running to the door when you arrive home from work.

Cats are proud

These feline fur-balls are rather proud, and they will not bother coming near you if you shout at them. Unlike a dog who will feel sad and want to get back in your good graces. Maybe the cat feels that they own you, and you are their pet. But overall they are great companions and can be good company if you stay alone of even if you have kids. Get a pet cat and you will have some great times with it.